The world of business has been overly masculinized.
Profits and procedures have trumped people.

It’s time to bring feminine values back to business and honor the messy, creative, life-changing process that is giving birth to a new business!

When it comes to your business care provider,
you have a choice.

You could take the traditional route and follow someone’s “success blueprint” which would lead to one more sterile business.

Or you could choose intimate collaboration with someone who is attuned to you and the creation that is stirring inside you, yearning to be born.

Through working with Peter, I’ve found that I am more capable of developing and running a business than I thought I was. I’ve found my confidence and my true voice.

I like his calm attitude, his experience with small business needs and situations, and his ability to go at my pace – not pushing me too hard too quickly or holding me back, but rather being there, alongside me, helping me feel more confident about the decisions I make.

Committing to your own vision and beliefs is a difficult process, especially in a culture that makes it much easier to follow someone else's lead. Peter allows you to lead yourself and he helps you ask the questions that otherwise would not be asked in order to figure out the best decisions to make at certain points in your business. I highly recommend working with him.

– Chris Gaines, Founder of PerformanceGaines

Peter changed my mindset as far as how I approached becoming a hip-hop producer.

I am now off the couch and taking small steps every day and getting closer to my dream.

Peter armed me with practical knowledge and plenty of wisdom for the journey I am on. I appreciated his approach, always kind but not afraid to challenge me when I needed a push. Thank you, Peter, for the support at a critical time.

– Udoka Chima, music producer


Let's Go Deeper…

who i work with

I work with a diverse group of visionaries who see the box that humanity lives in, and the possibilities that exist outside that box. They have the courage to take action and create change now, starting with themselves.

what i offer

I offer world-class support for visionaries who are giving birth to their businesses. All of my offerings are in-depth and custom-tailored. We create extraordinary outcomes by following your unique path each step of the way.

your birth team

I graduated from Stanford in the top 5% of my class, and I’m currently getting a PhD in Unlearning Everything. My life partner is a midwife (for real babies!). And I’m growing a team of brilliant business care providers to serve you.

”Giving birth to your business is an act of faith. Whether you’re a first-time entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner, there is always something bigger and closer to your heart that’s wanting to come through you. Take the risk! I dare you take the creative path – to discover and express what’s inside you, even when it's weird and you're afraid of being misunderstood.” – Peter Rubin

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