A La Carte

If you want to work with me as a business midwife but the Visionary Business 1:1 Program isn’t a great fit for you, we can collaborate for as little as a single one-hour session.

$325 for a single 60-minute session on phone or video conference.

Or, with a 6-month minimum commitment:
$550/mo. for two one-hour sessions per month.

Unlike the Visionary Business 1:1 Program, a-la-carte sessions do not include a Business of Your Dreams day, website creation, or access to me between sessions.

By application only.

"I don’t think I’ve ever accomplished that much in a single hour before. We cleared out all the distracting noise and zeroed in on what was truly important to me in my life, allowing me to make a decision from a truly powerful place and avoid a potentially disastrous business partnership. Peter then provided me with the tools and drive to take that newfound energy and turn it into action. I now know exactly what I want to work on and why for the next few years. Peter is a masterful coach and a truly inspiring person. Anyone looking to get shit done needs to have him in their corner. Thank you Peter for all your help!"

- Nate Brugnara

"I was yearning to start as a coach and had many conscious and unconscious resistances to getting started. I really appreciated Peter's perception in seeing my blocks and his artful skills in inviting me to peel back layers I wasn't aware of. And he holds such a clear, non-judgmental, creative, and playful space that I know each time we talk, I would feel completely safe, even in times of vulnerability, to explore the deep dark corners of my inner self that I would otherwise have overlooked. At the end of our time together, I am proud to say that I have signed my first client and the momentum is kicking in in full gears!"

– Michelle Lim

Wow. In 90 minutes Peter was able to take me from "confused" to "galvanized" in my launch strategies. We clarified my intent for each facet of the visitor's experience on my site, whittled away the distracting offers to highlight the juiciest and most lucrative products, and identified where the copy could be more alive and engaging. And we had a fucking blast doing it! Game. Changed. 

– Joshua Hathaway, Creator of No Bullshit Communication