Peter Rubin, Business Midwife

Peter Rubin helps visionaries give birth to their businesses.

His clients come to him with a sense of what’s possible, but they lack the support they need to get clear on their visions, craft a strategy, and deliver it to the world. Peter guides them on their authentic journey of inner growth and outer creation. The result is a visionary business that’s unlike anything else in the marketplace. It transforms their community while generating a healthy livelihood.


Peter has developed this radical approach to business, having given birth to a series of transformational service-based businesses himself, each time pushing his edges and learning from his failures. Before becoming a full-time coach in 2011, he was a consultant at IDEO and Daylight, two of the world’s leading innovation firms. He graduated in the top 5% of his class at Stanford University with a masters in mechanical engineering, and has taught at the Stanford, OneTaste, General Assembly, and beyond.

He lives with his life partner, Morgan West, a midwife (for real babies!) who continually inspires him with her badass midwifery skills and devotion to her clients at all hours of day and night. One day Peter realized that the work was more like midwifery than typical coaching or consulting, and he’s been delivering baby businesses ever since.

Peter is a Bay Area native and works with clients in-person in Berkeley, California, as well as around the world. On his quest to unlearn everything, he’s currently exploring race and privilege, experimenting with heart- and mind-opening medicines, planning his upcoming unconventional wedding, and weaving connections with the hopes of starting a community in the East Bay to raise families and be creative together.

Your Birth Team

Alexis Morgan, Design Doula

Alexis Morgan is a web designer and creative strategist who lives for producing and curating work that challenges traditional assumptions about culture and boundaries. Alexis is drawn to facilitating processes that help entrepreneurs communicate their values and mission without apology, whether that’s through their visual branding, web presence, or other creative work.

She enjoys feline company, gratuitous use of swear words, socially-conscious and ethical business books, oil paints, unpretentious foodie culture, and being a pole-dancing bad example as the Abbess of The Church of St. Felicia. A former resident of the Windy City, she currently lives in Denver, CO, where she lives art, writes words, and makes the kyriarchy cry.

Badass Business Midwifery Skills

Business is a multi-disciplinary endeavor. Luckily, our team can help you with pretty much anything.

Teachers and Collaborators

"Building your Visionaries' Council is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your business. Every day I am grateful the teachers who show me the way." – Peter Rubin

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