Website Creation Client: Arielle Brown

Check out ARIELLE's website here

Project Highlights:

  • We sifted through dozens of fonts for the headers and finally found a script font that perfectly captures Arielle's essence.
  • We tried various color schemes and ended up choosing an unconventional dark purple background to create a sense depth and sensuality
  • This project was as much about niche, messaging, and storytelling as it was about website creation. Arielle had many insights along the way about her authentic voice and how she wanted to communicate with her audience.

Testimonial from Arielle:

"Peter's superpowers are his ability to extract one's joy, passion, and particular flavor of badass-ness when it comes to the work we do in the world. I know I can bring ALL of myself to the table in our work. I know I can talk about sex, drugs, and any other form of conventional social taboo. This is such a refreshing approach to business, because it invites permission to bring our full brilliance to the table for creative expression.

My website feels like ME. The colors, the copy, the font, the flow. Peter went above and beyond to ensure that I was beyond happy with the finished product.

I am incredibly grateful for the support I've received after the website has been launched. I want to be able to make changes, alterations and updates on my website from an empowered, knowledgable place — and Peter and his team have supported me in learning how to take command of my own website moving forward.

Since working with Peter, I have found myself attracting clients who embody the characteristics I'm excited to work with. I also feel more grounded confidence in putting my writing, my film and creative pursuits out into the online world, because I know I have a beautiful website to link prospective clients and collaborators back to. My website is a visual online expression of my essence, and I'm so grateful."

— Arielle Brown