Our Badass Business Midwifery Skills

"One of my former mentors called me centipede-shaped person – in that I can do more than people can do with two hands, because I have around a hundred. With my teammates, we’ve got about a zillion hands to help you." – Peter Rubin

Here’s what we can help you with…

Sensitive Sales – Learn to sell ethically and effectively by being your curious and confident self, learning some new principles, un-learning your internal used car salesman, and receiving constructive feedback. No tricks or sneaky tactics here. This is one my favorite business skills to teach!

Authentic Marketing – First, we get clear on who your audience is and hand-pick a few online and offline marketing activities that are aligned with what you’re best at and enjoy doing, like teaching, speaking, video, article-writing, or social media. Then we dig in, develop content, and put it out in the world! We’ll come up with a simple and manageable plan that you can stick to.

Mindful Money – We’re in a culture that’s very confused around money. I’ll help you heal the beliefs and stories that keep you in survival mode, and explore what financial success means to you. I tend to think that a sustainable livelihood beings with defining what is “enough” and investing in what we value.

Nail Your Niche – Your niche is your place in your community. Without a clear niche, everything is difficult! When you have a niche that’s deeply aligned for you, your marketing efforts are more effective and you find yourself on a path to mastery.

Brand – Branding is about more than colors and visuals. A powerful brand is a genuine reflection of who you are, and it includes a strong story that will resonate with your clients. Building your brand means authentically bringing more of your voice, gifts, quirks, and deeper purpose into the conversation.

Website creation – I started creating websites as a high school job, and oh my how the technology has evolved. The challenge now isn’t so much how to build a site but what’s worth saying. We will craft words and visuals that capture the essence of what you do, and build the site for you, with plenty of input along the way.

Curriculum development – I can help you design and develop transformational curriculum for your clients, including live workshops and events as well as online programs that use video and exercises to create engagement.

Customer experience – The foundation for a successful business is a deep empathy for your clients, which means understanding their needs, challenges, desires, and dreams. We’ll use the design thinking process that I learned at Stanford and IDEO to understand your clients and create offerings that fit them like a glove. They’ll get great results and tell their friends, which is the best marketing you can do!

Productivity and priorities – Getting things done may not be the sexiest topic, but it’s the difference between success and failure. I’ll help you get organized with your projects, tasks, and priorities so you can spend as much time as possible in the flow rather than in the weeds.

Systems – Having solid systems allows your business to grow and serve more people. We’ll figure out how to systematize routine tasks, which you can then delegate, and create processes that reflect how you actually work. This will enable you to redirect your energies to your clients and the next creative challenge. 

Being a visionary – I will help you understand in a precise way what makes you unique and special, and refine the way you move through the world. I will support you to take risks, think outside the box, fine-tune your emotional guidance system, articulate and live your values, be courageous in the face of fear, raise your vibration, and clear out the psychic crap that holds you back. 

Leadership and teamwork – At its heart, business is about human relationships, and human relationships are messy! I’ll help you develop your own Visionary presence and skills, prepare for negotiations and difficult conversations, grow your team, and develop a culture in which everyone involved feels motivated and cared for.

Living an awesome life! – Being a Visionary is a lifestyle. If you’re not balanced and taking care of yourself, or if you’re having problems with health, money, intimate relationships, or sense of purpose, it’ll have an impact on your business. And when you’re living a fun and full life, everyone can feel that too! It’s all connected. 

If at any point, what you need is not within my capabilities, I will let you know and refer you to my talented friends and colleagues – photographers, videographers, event planners, illustrators, developers, SEO geeks, social media mavens, conscious accountants, lawyers who don’t suck, etc.