1. Come from love, not fear.

When you try to generate new work or nail a deadline from a place of lack, fear, or anxiety, you won’t get anywhere. Trust that your heart needs care and nourishment so you’re ready to create. Don’t let fear be your guidepost. Only move forward on something when your heart is open and fully behind it.

2. Keep feeling and healing.

We all need to honor our inner children and re-parent ourselves and each other. By valuing and uplifting the full range of human emotions, we tap into the richness of life. In the context of business, feelings (not profit or prestige or anything else) are what motivate and guide us. This is your official permission slip to fully celebrate and fully feel. 

3. Talk about the taboos.

As a coach, my work lives at the confluence of many taboo topics: money, sex, power, and discrimination, to name a few. Having the conversations that no one is having leads to deeper connection and healing shame. If you keep secrets, they will show up as dysfunction in other parts of your life. Lead with honesty—it’s energizing!

4. Surrender to what wants to come through you.

As you delve deeper into the unknown, following your own intuition and not listening to the “should” of the outside world, your purpose will reveal itself. For years, I listened to my brain and to what I thought the “right” thing was. But when I listen to my heart, as illogical as it often seems, I get to some gorgeous, surprising places. 

5. Follow your natural rhythms.

Defy the industrial model of the 40-hour workweek (or the 60-hour workweek) and listen to your body. There is a time for everything: to rest, to create, to dig deep, to integrate, to expand, to contract, to let the money flow in and then flow back out. Allow yourself these cycles. When you’re in your flow state, you’re ten times more productive, so it’s worth taking time to rejuvenate.

6. Create flexible, sensitive structures.

All life has structure, from a house to a belief system to a business practice. Structures designed from a deep attunement to the human needs involved will be infinitely more effective than structures that put profits over people. Make simple, elegant, intuitive structures that can adapt to who you are and who you serve.

7. Everything is sacred; nothing is disposable.

We need to focus on making the best uses of the resources we already have—“bigger” is rarely better. Unlike businesses that burn through resources and customers, strive to minimize your consumption. By appreciating what is already available to us, we can experience having “enough.”  

8. Stand in your extraordinary value.

Your inherent worth is never in question. Inside you is a veritable gold mine of gifts and superpowers that are completely unique. Fully own and understand those gifts and know what you’re offering to your community. The more you know about yourself, the more clear your impact will be. Have confidence in how much the world needs your gifts, and your business will thrive.

9. Become masterful.

Once you’ve identified your superpower—whether it’s sexuality coaching or somatic therapy—get really good at it. Always be training, learning, growing, and following your curiosity in the joyful pursuit of excellence. Make sure to develop tangible skills as well, because your vision is impotent without solid strategy and execution.