Business of Your Dreams VIP Day

Everything You Need to Start Creating Clients and Income

“Before I was scared because I was confused about what I was doing. Now I’m scared because I know exactly what I need to do.”
— Anonymous Client

Design your dream business in a single day. Walk away feeling clear, aligned, and excited about where you’re heading over the next 3-6 months in your business.

The biggest mistake I see business owners making is that they spend month after month on the foundations of their business (i.e. their niche, messaging, offerings, business cards) and never move on to income-generating activities. These foundations are important, and I want to help you get them done as quickly as possible so you can start creating clients and income.

Here are some reasons why you might be stuck on the foundation:

  • You’re not sure what your niche is. You may have tried various niches, but they haven’t been profitable or haven’t felt right. You haven’t found that perfect fit between who you are, your superpowers, and what people will pay for.
  • You’re marketing-avoidant. You don’t like marketing or you’ve tried various forms of marketing that haven’t worked for you. Clients don’t come in the door consistently.
  • You’re stuck around money. You don’t see how it’s possible to make enough money given how many clients you’re currently working with and what you’re charging, and it doesn’t feel right to just jack up your rates.
  • You’re secretly afraid of having clients. Because as soon as your next level of clients start saying “yes,” you’ll be responsible for helping them get to where they want to go, and you’re uncertain about your offering.

The purpose of this day is to get your entire foundation set in a single day, so you’re ready to start creating clients and income.

Flow of the Day:

Session 1: Know Your Value – We will clear any limiting beliefs you have around your worth and define the superpowers that make you uniquely you and uniquely valuable. When you have this, you will feel more confident about making offers, more excited and less scared about expressing yourself, and charge higher prices that your clients are happy to pay. All of this makes it possible to fully enjoy your work and have a sustainable livelihood. (45 minutes)

Session 2: Nail Your Niche – Articulate who your ideal clients are. We’ll talk about what they struggle with, what they want, and how you can best serve them. We’ll end this session by talking about your messaging and the language you will use to attract your ideal clients. (75 minutes)

Lunch of your choice will be provided.

Session 3: Have a Plan for Making Money – We’ll create a strategy for your financial freedom, which is not about making 6 figures and spending it all on consumer goods. It’s about being mindful with money – earning, saving, and spending in alignment with your values. We will upgrade your money mindset, determine your costs, and create a solid business model for you. (45 minutes)

Session 4: Craft Your Offerings – Create offerings that will appeal to your niche. We will define exactly what you want to offer, what’s included, and how to price it. We’ll also talk about how to communicate your offer in a way that’s compelling to your ideal clients. (45 minutes)

Afternoon tea

Session 5: Authentic Marketing Approach – This is about growing your community of ideal clients in a fun and engaging way. We’ll also talk about where they hang out, so you know how to find them. We’ll determine what specific marketing methods are best suited to your passions and personality, and create a plan for being visible and staying connected consistently. (45 minutes)

Session 6: Closing – We’ll answer any remaining questions you have and discuss your next steps. (20 min)

End of day


  • Intake Process with Assignments – When you sign up for the Business of Your Dreams VIP Day I’ll send you a thorough intake process and assignments to make sure you’re ready for our day together.
  • 60-minute Follow-up Call – During this call we’ll debrief the day, make any adjustments that are needed to the plan, and celebrate your new business foundation!

The Price:

There are two versions of the Business of Your Dreams VIP Day. The regular version includes everything above. The premium version also includes Sensitive Sales Training (learn more here). Being confident with sales is a business foundation. It’s too much to pack into one day, and is best taught over the phone. I offer a discount when you sign up for both.

Business of Your Dreams VIP Day – $1,800
Business of Your Dreams VIP Day Plus Sensitive Sales Training – $2,175 (Sensitive Sales Training alone is $750; you get it for half price)

This program is by application only.