January 2018: My Practice is Currently Full

I prefer to help you get support now than to keep a waiting list. So if you apply for a Complimentary Business Birth Planning Session below, I will offer to refer you to other brilliant, experienced, ethical, big-hearted business coaches in my network.

Apply for a Complimentary Business Birth Planning Session

…and let’s see if we’re mutually inspired to work together!


In this 60-minute conversation we will get to know each other and I will ask questions to deeply understand where you are now and how you’d like for your business to grow and develop.

Unlike many other coaches and consultants, I practice Sensitive Sales. This means I am committed to being gentle, respectful, and helping you find the best person to support you, even if that isn’t me! You can expect to be listened to with care and gently challenged to step into your potential as a visionary.

If you're interested in working together, please fill out the questionnaire below. I or a team member will get back to you to shortly, and if it seems like we're a good fit we will schedule your session!

Clear & Loving Communication Expectations

I’m creating time and space to do what's most important to me – to have a balanced life, to be in creative flow, and to show up at my best for my clients.

The best way to communicate is by emailing Facebook messages are less reliable. We do our best, but can't guarantee a response to all inquiries.

Thank you for keeping communications crisp. I'm a fan of this philosophy. Well, three sentences plus emojis, of course ;-)


For all other inquiries, a simple email will do!