Amy Jones

I figured Peter could help me get out a rut I was in about which way to move with my business/life. I for sure knew I was blocked and stuck, but couldn't really put my finger on why. I was expecting some practical, very matter of fact solutions that I could implement and be on my way after the coaching session. But silly me, Peter is so much more than that as a coach. Peter took me straight into the heart of the block and held me there until I purged it all from my system. His style of getting me there was gentle and unexpected at each turn. I was delighted and a little nervous at what he may suggest next that would have me so fully land in the center of myself. And yet, I came away from the session renewed, totally cleared out and beyond amazed as his skill in holding me in a delicate and messy place. Working with Peter is the best kind of coach: to the point, with grace, humor and more love than you knew possible.”

Amy Jones, Founder of Body Soul Wisdom School