Anthony Kuo


My work with Peter has been life-transforming. When we started working together about a year ago, I was seven years into a successful but unfulfilling career in the corporate world. I had constantly flirted with the idea of setting off on my own entrepreneurial journey as a coach, but could never quite bring myself to take the leap.

Entrepreneurship is as much about personal development as it is about business. Peter brought that to life for me through a beautiful marriage of business strategy consulting and personal empowerment coaching.

I identified and honed my offering to a fine point: I figured out who my offering was for, why they would want it, what outcomes I would provide, and how much my customers would be willing to pay for it.

More importantly, I got in touch with why this mission was important to ME - what deeper purpose my business would feed; what vulnerable parts of myself I would draw strength from; what inner fire was aching to be released into the world.

The first portion of our work was akin to stacking firewood in orderly fashion and piling on kindling. The spark came through my participation in the Men’s Leadership Intensive, which Peter co-leads. In the heat of the inferno, surrounded by brotherly support, I shed the “good boy” and “nice guy” personas that were keeping me from fiercely pursuing my dream. I emerged a more powerful, potent, and sexy version of myself.

The effects were immediate and dramatic. I came home and proposed to my girlfriend (now wife). I marched into work and announced that I was quitting. I rapidly built up my initial client base and began coaching full-time, helping professional nerds radically transform their careers.

My business maturation was so rapid that I had to re-make my business several times, with Peter guiding me from scrappy bootstrapping to installing process and infrastructure.

My identity also evolved and matured. On the one-year anniversary of my decision to quit, I came full-circle and delivered a workshop at my old employer’s office. In the place where I knew self-suppression, I stood in front of my former colleagues and taught them how to authentically unleash their gifts.

– Anthony Kuo, Founder of Empowered Nerd