Anthony Kuo

I met Peter at a house party where we fell into a casual conversation. I was immediately struck by his genuine interest and care in me and my situation, even though we had met just 30 seconds ago. Had he stuck to the usual small talk script, we wouldn't have ended up working together.

When we started working together, I was groping around in the darkness. I didn't even know what I wanted. After working with Peter, I have certainty about the path I’m taking.

Here are four things I appreciate most about Peter’s coaching:

  • He is willing to throw out the script and just go with wherever the session is going and ultimately what would serve me most.
  • He calls you on your bullshit in the most loving way possible. It's quite empowering to be called out and feel approved of anyway.
  • I came away from our coaching sessions with a scaffolding – both tangible and emotional – that will continue to serve as a blueprint and support structure.
  • Peter is super action-oriented. He helped me steer clear of the unnecessary endless processing that had previously kept me in inaction.

I would absolutely recommend working with Peter.

– Anthony Kuo, Marketing Strategist and Entrepreneur