Crystallin Dillon

There is unconscious programming in your mind that constrains what's possible in your reality and limits the realization of your potential. A good coach will point these things out to you, but there are levels of depth and orders of magnitude that only a truly masterful coach can work with. Peter is one of these coaches. 

If you want to know what it's like to live in a vast, magical world where truly anything is possible, and if you want to how it feels when the Creative Force of Life Itself moves through you, then I suggest having a "conversation" with Peter. 

I hope this is making you a bit nervous. It should put you on edge to think about untethering from what you think you know about yourself and about the world. There is no bargaining - the life you most want is only on the other side of this deconstruction - and Peter knows this passage personally, deeply, and thoroughly.  

His range is what sets him apart. He can shift gears from the most practical to the most profound and back again, responding with incredible intuition and accuracy to whatever you need in order to take the next leap in your evolution. A strategy that lets you know what to do when you wake up every morning? Check. A thorough excavation of the bedrock of your identity? Check. Integration of every capacity and belief you will need to step into a radically different experience effortlessly? Check. A friend who will never let you stray or compromise on what you feel most called to do in your life? Check.

In my view, Peter holds the highest position of esteem. His integration of Masculine power and Feminine values is an example of the healing that our entire culture is needing and a beacon of what's possible when we are allowed to have and to be all of what we are as humans. I am inspired by his commitment to deconstructing paradigms of division and discrimination, even when that means questioning and relinquishing the privileges he has been given as a white man. 

– Crystallin Dillon, MA, Contemplative Coach and Master NLP Practitioner