Paula Alder

I met Peter at an event and was so impressed by his openness and confidence that nothing would have been an obstacle other than money.

As a result of working with Peter, I am feeling empowered to move forward in my life now. I was feeling quite stuck and knew I wanted coaching but was very particular about who I wanted to work with. I'm a therapist myself and I needed to feel like my coach had the skills, sophistication and confidence to set clear boundaries with me, to call me on my stuff, and to do it all with approval and love. That's who Peter is.

He pays attention in a way that is truly empathic and astute. He is sensitive to every nuance but doesn't make assumptions. He has confidence and ability but is also humble - a rare and special combination. He also has an awesome sense of humor - a must for me!

Peter helps me to set realistic yet challenging goals and to meet them. He knows when I'm moving too quickly or too slowly and helps me to look at that. He's loving and supportive but still challenges me.

I would highly recommend Peter for all of the above reasons. As I said, I'm a therapist with many years of experience in working with people, and I've also trained with and been a client with several other therapists and coaches. Peter is extraordinarily talented, intelligent, and skilled, and I have worked with very few other coaches or therapists about whom I feel this way.

I think that Peter has done a great deal of work on himself and his own issues and that he continues to develop self-awareness. I think that is critical for any therapist or coach because he is able to remain clear and grounded in his work with others. Because of that, I believe that Peter is able to remain connected to himself while he connects with his clients - something I admire and strive for in my own life. I wholeheartedly recommend him as a coach!

– Paula Alder, MFT and Founder of Smith Alder