The Visionary Business Leadership 1:1 Program

A 6-month journey of giving birth to your dream business with my highest level of individual attention.

The Visionary Business Leadership 1:1 Program is for visionaries who want a business that’s 100% aligned with who they are so they can get paid to express their deepest gifts.

This program is for you if you’re committed to giving birth to a visionary business – the sort of business that is based in deeply-held values and aims to make an impact on your community or even the world.

A visionary business isn’t born without a lot of support, and it’s my intention to have you be fully and expertly supported along the way. I will guide you to clarify your vision, evolve as a leader, have a fulfilling life, and create a successful business that realizes your vision.

As part of this program, you’ll be designing offerings that stand out in the marketplace, delivering extraordinary results to your clients, and earning a sustainable livelihood!

This program is for you if:

  • You already have a good sense of who you are and how you want to change the world
  • You’re the sort of person who would rather carve your own path than follow someone else’s
  • You’re a visionary who provides a transformational service
  • You’re highly talented and experienced at your craft
  • You’re birthing a new business or want to rebirth an existing business
  • You’re highly committed and ready to get shit done!

Program Co-Design

A business leadership program, radically personalized to you.

The problem with "big box" business coaching programs that they are one-size fits all.

While they promise a proven method, any methodology, no matter how good it is, will only work for certain people while letting others down.

If you're unique, unusual, or quirky in any way (as all visionaries are!) you are bound to be frustrated by scripts, and will end up going off-script anyways, so you might as well do it intentionally and with the support of someone who embraces radical innovation while keeping you on the rails.

I approach business completely differently.

We will develop your business together, from scratch.

We begin by developing a strategy together for how we will develop your business. This strategy will be informed by my extensive knowledge and hands-on experience of giving birth to dozens of transformational service-based businesses (myself and with clients). It will fit like a glove to who you are as a human being and a visionary leader.

Right from the start, I will ask about your priorities. What are your vision and values? Do you need to make money quickly? Do you have time to incubate some new ideas? Do you prefer the efficiency and rigor of working digitally or the creativity of putting Mr. Sketch markers to big post-its?

As a flexible and attuned relational guy and a sorta-OCD organizational guy, I'm able to do something that no one else I've met can – seeing you deeply and design a business with you that fits you perfectly. From the highest purpose to the smallest detail, I can guide you have the exact life and impact you want.

We will cover business and leadership topics that are most relevant to you

I’m actively building a knowledge base of cutting-edge content for my clients. Many I’ve created myself, others I’ve curated from my colleagues. I’m committed to providing the most useful and up-to-date resources to orient you on your journey. Topics include:

  • Your Visionary Business Plan – What does the business of your dreams look like?
  • Nailing Your Niche – Identifying your 10/10 perfect clients
  • Crafting Your Offerings – How you'll deliver your deepest gifts
  • Authentic Marketing – Connecting with new clients through sharing and teaching
  • Sensitive Sales – Signing clients up in a gentle, respectful, and effective way
  • Sustainable Productivity – Get more done without burning out
  • Mindful Money – Standing in your extraordinary value while keeping it real

See the Badass Midwifery Skills page for all the areas I can support you

Three Versions of the Program

There are three versions of the Visionary Business Leadership 1:1 Program.
Here's what you get in each version:


  • 2x 75-minute 1:1 sessions on Zoom video with me each month
  • Review of pre- and post-session reflections and monthly reflection
  • Access to tools and content from my library
  • Investment: $750/mo.

Special Access

  • Everything in "classic" plus special access to me between session – text, phone, and email for when you're stuck or want to celebrate!
  • Investment: $1,000/mo.


Initial Commitment

I require an initial commitment of 6 months so we can really roll up our sleeves and dive in together, then your program goes month-to-month.

At this point, we’ve given birth to your new business. Woohoo! You’ll look back and be amazed at how much you’ve learned, grown, and created. From here, you can choose to continue to get support with the opportunities and challenges that are unfolding. Beyond the first 6 months, will cover topics such as:

Common Questions

Why is access between sessions useful?

Access to me is invaluable when you hit a roadblock or are uncertain about next steps. As one of my few high-level clients, you don’t have to wait until our next session. Reach out! You have my attention.

Why these rates?

Some business-coach-types charge a lot, others charge a little, and I charge somewhere in the middle. Clients tell me that the work we do is extraordinary and well-worth the investment. See the Client Love page.

Which version is right for me?

Let's have a conversation to discover which version is right for you. I don't hard-sell or up-sell, but rather help you find the right fit for you. Let's talk.

Are you ready to receive some support to give birth to your visionary business? If so, let's talk.

(I don't hard-sell and only work with clients who are a perfect fit)

Why this program?

Give Birth to a Business That’s 100% You
You get more in-depth personal attention in this program than any other business program I’ve encountered. We’re taking the time to do it right. You won’t be forced into a model or told to follow a script. Rather, I’ll be helping you give birth to a visionary business that is 100% aligned with who you are.

Results Without Burning Out
I’m serious about results. We’ll be keeping an eye on the numbers and holding you accountable to your goals as well as your dreams. Yet I will never ask you to sacrifice yourself to reach a particular destination. We will be open to surprises and discover how you can build your business while following what feels good. We’re gonna have a lot of fun working together!

Freedom for Life
There’s nothing more empowering and freeing than expressing your deepest gifts through business. When you know how to do this, you can follow your passions, change the world, earn a healthy living, and never have a boss again. This program is about developing the confidence, capabilities, and mindsets you need to be a Visionary leader in the world of business. This is an investment and an adventure that you won’t regret.

This program is by application only.