Visionary Business Birth Group

Welcome to an intimate business support experience for you and three other visionaries who are giving birth to transformational service-based businesses.

This is a high-caliber group focused on early business development. It's for visionaries who are giving birth to new businesses, may have no clients or just a few clients, and are eager to make a sustainable livelihood of $4-6K/mo.

At this stage in your business birth, it may not make sense for you to invest a lot of money in your business.

Because you’re not bringing in a lot of revenue yet, and you don’t need the added stress and pressure of going deep into debt. Despite what a lot of other leaders in my industry say, a $10-30K yearlong program isn't right for you. This program offers affordable high-quality hands-on support that will make a huge difference.

Where you are right now is perfect.

  • You may have a clear vision for where you’re going, or your vision might be cloudy.
  • You might be unclear about your strategy and priorities.
  • You might be overwhelmed when it comes to marketing and selling your services.
  • You might not know exactly what you’re offering, how to price it, and how to describe it.
  • You might be feeling isolated as a solopreneur and yearn for more support and community around your business.
  • You might be doing a lot but not getting to where you want to go, or stuck in analysis paralysis, or burnout…
  • You may be in scarcity and survival around money.

(All of this is totally normal. It ain’t easy giving birth to a new business! And this program is here to help you move through these places.)

What you’re wanting is sacred.

  • You want to make a sustainable living giving your soul gifts.
  • You want business to feel good! To come from inspiration and desire, not survival and push.
  • You want to have amazing clients come to you, wanting what you have to offer.
  • You want to feel totally in integrity and generous in the ways you market and sell your work.
  • You want to do business together – in community, in relationship, and with a connection to spirit.
  • You want to do business as 100% you – fully authentic, free, powerful, alive, edgy, and real.

If this is all speaking to you so far, read on, because this is where things get more interesting…

I believe that creating a business is a lot like giving birth.

Clearly I’m a man, so I’ve never given birth and very likely never will.

But having a life partner who’s a midwife has opened my eyes to the messy, transformational, intense, beautiful process of giving birth.

One day a few years ago I realized that the role I play helping creative forward-thinking people create new businesses is a lot more like midwifery than traditional business consulting.

Traditional Business Consulting Feels Like This:

In a hospital, pregnancy is treated like a medical issue (most often it’s not). Mom is hooked up to a bunch of monitors, nurses and doctors run checklists and procedures, and readily offer drugs like pitocin to speed the process along. This can easily lead to a spiral of complications.

Business Midwifery,

From the midwifery point of view, birth is a natural process. Mom is empowered to follow her natural rhythms of labor, trusting the wisdom of her own body. A skilled midwife has a keen intuition for how the process is unfolding, and will only intervene when needed. Every birth is honored as sacred.

Why choose me?

A traditional business consultant or “build your business in 90 days” program would give you a “6-figure model” and tell you to fit into it, which can kill your soul and not even get the results you want.

I help you grow your own unique business and way of doing business that emerges from your own heart-body-mind-soul.

The Visionary Business Birth Group is:

  • Small group  capped at just 4 participants, so you get personal attention each and every call.
  • Individually paced – not everyone will be doing the same thing at the same time. Instead, I will skillfully track your individual journey while weaving together common themes and lessons for the group as a whole.
  • Affordable support – this is the most affordable way to work with me in an intimate way. Individual support will be available at reduced cost for those who need it.

What this looks like:

110-minute group video calls on Zoom twice a month. On each call, you will have a 25-minute turn to receive guidance and support from myself and the group. You’ll be surprised as how much ground we can cover in this time!

The investment:

$375/mo. (first and last months paid up-front)

The commitment:

I ask for an initial 4-month commitment. After that, you’re welcome to complete your participation with the group at any time, with one month advance notice.

You also get:

  • Pre- and post-session reflection questions so you can get clear on what you need and what you’re taking away. (It’s a structure that my 1:1 clients find very helpful)
  • Access to a private Slack group where you can be in communication with me and each other between sessions. (Heads up: I will not be doing in-depth coaching on Slack)
  • Discounted access to private time with me. If you need extra support, one hour of private time per month is available at a discounted rate of $225/hr. (normally $325/hr).
  • Tools and content to accelerate your learning that I’ll share with you as needed.

Why sign up?

If you’re giving birth to a new visionary business, resonate with what I’ve shared so far, and enjoy learning in community, this program is perfect fit for you! It’s half the price of my lowest-end individual program, which I hope makes it possible for you to say “yes” about getting the support you need without putting pressure on you to make money fast, which as we both know, kills creativity. You can’t rush birth.


The Visionary Business Birth Group will be launching in September 2017. Specific session times TBD.