I work with visionaries who are giving birth to their businesses

You’re Ready for a Business Midwife if You Are…

HAVING A First-Time Birth

You're a first-time entrepreneur who’s “taking the leap” from being an employee with a side project to having a baby business in the world that's starting to pay the bills.

If this is you, you may need help getting clear on what your business is, nailing your niche, learning how to sell with sensitivity, healing your relationship with money, creating an authentic marketing plan, launching your visionary business website, and getting your first clients!

HAVING A repeaT OR RebirtH

You're an entrepreneur who has been in business for a while. You have a handful of clients, but struggle with ebbs and flows of income. You don’t just want to band-aid your business; you’re willing to reimagine and rebirth it — this time, with offerings and systems that will allow your business to stand out and scale. You’re ready to consistently make $5-10K/mo. – enough to live well!

If this is you, you may have considerable knowledge about how business works, but you want to learn a new and more authentic way of caring for your business. You are ready to be masterful at selling with sensitivity, be seen as a thought leader, have a marketing strategy that's consistent and effective, create higher-end offerings, develop systems to scale your business, and start to grow your team!

Types of professionals I work with…

As a business midwife, I’ve had the privilege to work with some extraordinary men and women, including the former lead coach and behavioral trainer of the British Royal Navy, top athletic performance coaches in the Bay Area, and cutting-edge leaders in the field of sexuality.

I do my best work with service-based entrepreneurs. Many of my clients are coaches, healers, trainers, consultants, freelancers, holistic health practitioners, experience designers, and transformational leaders.

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